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Will a famed New York urban revitalisation project work in other cities?

The High Line in New York, a 1.6 km linear park created on a disused elevated freight railway, is one of the boldest urban renewal projects in the world, and now provides an urban oasis for local neighbourhoods, for city pedestrians and tourists. Its innovative business model and collaboration process have been so successful in engaging governments, business and community, that they are now being replicated to revitalise wasting assets in other cities, including a derelict goods yard in London.

Robert Hammond, who founded the Friends of the High Line along with fellow New Yorker Joshua David, will be in Melbourne in October to share with Thriving Neighbourhoods 2013 the High Line process, lessons – both the highs and the lows - and future plans.

He will also conduct small roundtables both in Melbourne and Sydney to explore how the fundamental processes applied at High Line might be applied to other types of transformative projects.

Mr Hammond said that he and Mr David had two dreams for the High Line: that it would become a well loved park among New Yorkers, and that it would inspire others to start their own kind of projects.

“Joshua and I have no experience in urban planning or architecture, but we saw something in our neighbourhood and wanted to change it,” Mr Hammond said. “I’m excited to share (at the conference) the story of how we turned this sort of a crazy dream into reality.” Hammond in TN video

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Other international speakers


Energy planning on a municipal scale. Devin Causley, Manager of Climate Change Programs with the Federation of Canadian Municipalities, will present some of Canada’s more innovative projects and supporting policies.


Neighbourhood development in an enlarged council. Rachael Trotman, Principal Advisor on Community Development and Safety at Auckland Council, will discuss the innovative partnerships and responses to foster neighbourhood development when eight Auckland councils amalgamated into one.


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